The short answer is yes, but with a caveat. Generally speaking, foreigners are not allowed to buy or own real estate (such as land, apartments, or homes) in Ethiopia except in two cases. The first case is when someone has an Ethiopian-origin ID. This ID is given to any foreign citizen or resident who has an Ethiopian link, either because he/she was born in Ethiopia or his/her parents/grandparents were born in Ethiopia. Once this ID is acquired, the person is treated like an Ethiopian citizen, with some exceptions. The second way a foreigner can buy real estate is by becoming an investor, which requires a minimum amount of $50,000 to $200,000 USD, depending on the area of investment. For example, someone who invests a minimum of $200,000 USD in a manufacturing plant would be eligible to buy a house. Foreigners are also allowed to invest in real estate projects as long as they invest a minimum of $200,000.


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2 thoughts on “Are foreigners allowed to buy real estate in Ethiopia?”
  1. Good article!

    Additional ways a foreigner could buy properties in Ethiopia:
    1/ If he/she is married to an Ethiopian citizen (under the Ethiopan citizen’s name) or
    2/ If you are a citizen of Djbouti.

    I am NOT Ethiopian, and still looking for my bride to buy properties with.

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  2. This tax really makes no sense. From what I understand, Ethiopian real estate is one of the few sectors that survived Covid-19 and the two-year civil war.

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